the vaccine of the thinking mind

CV-19 is a vaccine to a mind that is able to think and make logical choices based on facts and truth. So the illness is free choice. Plain and simple really. If you take the shot of faeces that is being offered you effectively surrender your free will. The shot is figurative but will soon be literal. We being offered a choice and we must make it not just once but constantly.

Let’s go back to The Garden of Eden. (if you don’t  believe the Bible it is irrelevant because this core story is being re-enacted right now before your very eyes) The snake who represents the person of the devil (the form he chose) speaks to a woman because he knows that if he can get her on his side than his chance of success will exponentially increase. (I know this from first hand experience) Satan offers a very enticing promise, eat the fruit and become like GOD – know what GOD knows.

Here’s the kicker – she already did know GOD intimately. Satan twisted this around and convinced her that GOD was tricking her. In fact the snake was the trickster. If she could have seen the global suffering, pain and torture that would flood that world through her single choice she would have grabbed the snake and broken its neck. The Bible mentions that the woman and her offspring would always be enemies of the snake and ultimately they would crush it. (Interesting thought – the snake and us will always be enemies but he would try the same trick too many times to count and succeed)

CV-19 is this same offer to us. Just give up your freedoms and we will look after you. All will be well. It was never about an illness or disease. That was just the fear trap or the motivator. It was always a contract between the powers that administer this world (control?) and us. The agreement was submit to our (global leaders) illogical, destructive and plain stupid rules and they would ensure our safety. But as always the other side reneges or hides the fine print (and we are too afraid to think and read it) The conditions were there right in front of our noses but we chose to believe the headlines of the contract – Submit – Trust – All we be OK – IT will end soon – you will be looked after – we know the best.

What is the fine print we all missed? That is very obvious and now that we have signed on the dotted line by our paralysis of fear and our silence (We have agreed). You see in this current world system everything is a contract (Duckduckgo – Admiralty law) If you do nothing you agree by default. Just like speeding fines, parking fines, local rates (effectively taxes from local governments on streets, garbage etc) incomes taxes and the list keeps growing. (just think about the banks and how they entrap us with interest and fees) All of this was just a prelude of the main event to total control.

1. LockDowns – Ineffective – little to no science and nuclear bombardment of economies, small business and our very ability to provide for our families.
2. Masks – By now only zombies do not know that they are harmful, increase disease, rob us of our identity and ability to interact with each other. They literally suck the life from us by reducing available oxygen causing potential brain injury and the inability to think clearly.
3. Social Distancing – Zippidy do da science. A dump truck of thousands and thousands of bulls faecal matter.
4. Vaccine – Proven so many times to be dangerous, ineffective and at the very least toxic. This is the mother of all lies perpetrated on all of us for a century so we hand the lives of our babies to money hungry pharma-self-suicidal companies who take NIL responsibility for pumping dead fetuses in to our blood. If you object to vaccines get ready for the hate wave that smashes you into oblivion.

All of this is the gargantuan shot that makes a horse needle look like a pin prick. The inoculation against the very core of who you are has one single focus and goal. CONTROL – DIE – SLAVERY – DEATH.

You are now at a cross road. Decide but don’t stay silent. Decide now. LIVE. RESIST. FIGHT. SAVE OTHERS.

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