We all know that cv19 is all about a “New World Order”. The evidence in “in your face”. Only those who block their senses ignore the “blindingly” obvious. Oh my goodness! I do not agree with the statement – “these are the end times” but is sure looks likes it. I do not want to create fear but we should be pretty concerned! I am NOT a conspiracy person but if it was not for this “event” I would not even know about this “stone”. If it wasn’t for explosion of the illogical being peddled as science I would have gone along with it.

The infamous Georgia Guide-stones are known around the world and their content is no secret. This vid links the goals of these guide stones with individuals who promote the “principles” inscribed in granite. These well known people control hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions. These very peoples wealth dramatically increased as a direct result of this “pandemic”. Why is the personal wealth of trillionaires being increased while small business are devastated, old people allowed to die in filth and suicides exponentially skyrocket world wide?

More questions

WHY – are churches prompting this agenda (compliance with ludicrous
rules that limit their meeting and effectiveness) in their congregations
without questioning the motivations?
WHY – are local, state and federal governments all singing the same song
from the same song book?
WHY – are world leaders actively promoting a clearly flawed,
unscientific and cruel enforcement of unlawful rules?

Yes this vid contains real facts and seems extreme but never before in
modern history has the world been so compliant and in unity for
something so evil. Not since the “Tower of Babel.” Yeah yeah sounds dramatic but so is what’s happening!

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