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covid is dead

November 2, 2020 By godfrey

News flash – viruses are actually dead. Oh you already know that. Yes of course you do because every convincing lie has just enough truth mixed in to make it seem real. Are you insane I hear you say? What qualifications do you have? Are you a virologist? (he he he – if viruses are dead then so is virology) Have you ever heard of cognitive dissonance? That’s a fancy term for holding contradictory thoughts together in your head. Sounds like everything you have heard about covid-19? For those who disagree let’s summarise.

1. Masks are useless yet we are told to wear them and people believe it even though the material in the mask is too big to contain the particles. (like flies through a chain fence)
2. We need to make perfectly healthy people sick with an experimental vaccine to protect the vulnerable.
3. Destroy people lives using lock downs to contain a virus that only kills those over 80 years old with multiple issues and even then the overall survival rate is 99.96%

If that is not cognitive dissidence I am not sure what is. I must admit I have had the same thoughts myself. I have been conditioned to believe lies since birth about how this world works. Flat earth, NASA lied, the government is there to help us and all the rest. Don’t get hung up on flat earth because I am still undecided on that one but will look at that next to see what all the fuss is. I just threw that in there to mess with you but if the smorgasbord of untruths that scientists say are true who knows? Talk about the matrix!

What does the word virus mean? Poisonous secretion or venom. It was used in medieval times for the discharge from a ulcer or wound. (according to “google” he he he) Nothing new here and as many have said before the germ theory is flawed and Pasteur was a liar. The establishment says germs are bad – kill them – kill them all! May I humbly ask these question/s?


A. When we have an infection why do we use an antibiotic?

B. When we have cancer why do we use radiation?


A. We are made up of how many bacteria and viruses?
B. What is the success rate of this treatment and does it does only kill the cancer cells?

The answer – A and B kill you. They attack your body and kill it. They attack the “good” and the “bad”. Why?

“Be a good little boy and drink the toxins as they will help you!” How is that not cognitive dissidence? If viruses are an explosion of poisons or venom where did that bad stuff come from? Where did it originate? I just told you to take the toxin to kill the bad things. Could that be the “poison” going in? I am not a virologist and I am not qualified so cannot give you medical advice. I do not have all the answers too but is poisoning yourself a good way to treat yourself?

There is no CV19. All the Chinese labs and corruption is just part of the magical trick so distract us. (It worked for me!) However no matter what you “believe” even the statistics are certain. The “infection” is 99.96 out of 100 survivable but governments are willing to burn down the world and rebuild it in their image to stop it. Here is the final thought. The governments know there is no pandemic – you are are the pandemic. Human beings are the virus and they are “purging” you from the earth. Think about that because that fits quite nicely indeed. That explains the dissonance of information we see. That is the final puzzle. All of the pieces are still scattered but that final picture is clear.