Imagine being thrown a lifeline to save you from certain death. What would your reaction be?

A. Take the lifeline
B. See if a better one comes along
C. Realise you are not actually in danger.

This is the basic premise of cv19 physiological agenda. Governments and “health authorities” backed up by the “media” tell us all we are in danger and to take the life line to save ourselves from the hideous and grotesques monster hiding in the bushes. However the imminent danger is not real. There is no massive beast prowling in the woods. When you examine the source it is just noise from a massive sound projector. You were fooled.

When you tell other people what you discovered the vast majority gaze upon you as though you were raving mad and an escapee from the luney bin. Their best argument comes from the “media” speak about the beast roaming in the woods. It is so terrifying they say and unless you take the life line of distancing, masks and self imprisonment as well as sacrificing your livelihood for the greater good we are all doomed! They panic and cry like the sky is falling.

They willingly wear masks and beg for a vaccine – even offer to self mutilate themselves so that “medical experts” can test a concoction of unknown toxins because that is the “right thing” to do. They see themselves as heroes of humanity – trailblazers!

Meanwhile you continue to gather detailed information about the sound projector which you found but you get ignored gain and again even though you have documented evidence which is scientifically backed up. As you speak to people around you they begin to get aggressive tell you that you are a conspiracy theorist and you are a danger. In fact the police visit your house and threaten you. You now have a choice. Shut up or keep it to yourself.

Your choice.

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