it need not exist

“It might not have been isolated”

“It need not exist”

Dr says the actions taken are exponentially more devastating than the statically proven cold called CV19. The stats only approach a mild flu when applied to over 75 years old. (We know mostly with pre-existing issues)

In April…

Critical doctor arrested by SWAT. In Wettingen , the Aargau police arrested the 58-year-old doctor Thomas Binder with a large contingent, including SWAT with machine guns and road and train station barriers (!). The accusation: He is said to have uttered “threats against the authorities” via Twitter

“Stories are coming from Switzerland that a doctor, Thomas Binder, who has spoken out against the coronavirus fraud was arrested. It has been reported that he was brutally attacked by a Swiss SWAT team in his medical practice. He was arrested and taken to a psychiatric institution. Anyone who speaks out against the coronavirus is simply being arrested in some places in Europe. This is a shocking result that is unfolding across Europe. The question is WHY? This is not only Stalinistic, but crushing dissent must mean there is a hidden agenda. That appears to be the preparation for a new monetary system because they know this is collapsing. That is what the REPO Crisis was all about.”

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