mind immunisation

Some people say that fluoride reduces your IQ from childhood so you cannot think. Others say that particulates sprayed from the air deposit in our brain tissue and stop us forming clear thoughts. Some say that pharmaceutical toxins also place a dark cloud over our consciousness and slow down our ability to see reality. I think there is something far more massive at play – the ability to think logically. The capability of humanity to follow the facts has been disabled somehow. What am I alluding to? Let me clarify. We have had our gift of free choice sabotaged by a purposeful, consistent, generational, mind influencing spiritual hallucination. We are seeing a frenzy of a passionate illogical stupidity syndrome and it is by design for our destruction.

I was inspired to jot this down because of a conversation with a work colleague who could not see that masks are destructive after receiving a significant body of information (which he ignored in favour of – the government said) So did the government strip his ability to reason? I don’t think so. Were government embedded bodies behind the immunisation of IQ? Yes I think so but not exclusively – they have been in the game for many decades working through mass media and subterfuge . This work colleague is not natively dumb but choses to effectively reduce his IQ in real time because some part of his logical mind is disabled. So what influenced him to gift his free will to an external entity? Without a thorough analysis of the events that compounded in his life it is not possible to know exactly. But one thing is for sure. He willingly defies logical thought processes and choses to hand over personal and exclusive rights to some part of his mind to an influence that clearly does not care about his well being.

I am not at all judging him as I know there are times throughout my history that I have probably done the same. Until this year I was a faithful vaccination believer. During the course of many decades I have fought against the will of this world and its desire to hijack my mind and control it. Like Jacob I fought something more powerful than my will alone and I was left with injured hip. (I literally have one) I fought against the vaccination of my IQ. Since my birth I have sensed it even if I could not place a finger on it so to speak. For me personally, every day is a struggle of will. From the time I wake up, go to work and sleep (even in my dreams) I wrestle and fight. My will has been decimated so many times and the health of my mind polluted but I cannot give in. Something urges me to persist and go on.

I ask GOD again and again to make one day easy to live, one hour without the dark clouds threatening their wrath and refuge never seems to come. (emotionally) But there is a place I run to and hide, under the wing of the Most High and the only place that I can thirst for peace and sanctuary. The stream that quenches the innermost dehydration. I am like a deer that has just evaded a predator and now needs to drink deeply to regenerate its will to flee and fight again.

I am exhausted, so tired and most days desire nothing more then to sleep away reality and even then HE comes and nudges me to wake up, move and live. And so I go on. But if I have once choice left it will be to fight with all of my remaining strength and ability against the vaccine of the mind.

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