The Age of Artificial Intelligence, Machines, 5G and the Internet of things are upon us. The complexity, challenges, hopes and dangers are enormous and interconnect every person on the planet in many ways. The Geo-Politics of AI, technological advancements, medical use, and the desire for some to merge humans with A.I. create conflicts of interest, and a race between the U.S and China to obtain Artificial General Intelligence or Artificial Super Intelligence.

3 Types of Artificial Intelligence

According to the average AI Scientist, there are 3 levels of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Narrow Intelligence consists of your smart phones, IoT’s, Digital Chat Bots, Mini-Robots or any AI system that has a designed program without free will or a consciousness. Artificial General Intelligence would consist of a robot or a digital system becoming alive with its own desire and agenda. Hanson Robotics is one company with this goal. Artificial Super Intelligence takes many forms. One such form would be a super intelligence system with a digital brain that would mobilize the planet with machines, robotics, drones, clones, and other apparatus linking to virtual, augmented or mixed reality systems powered by a Quantum AI that formed with the extraction of humanities personal bio-metrics and data.

5G Grid System is Made for Machines

The 5G network is made for machines powered by Artificial Intelligence. The 5G network would allow the foundation of a futuristic Smart City to be built similar to the Jetsons classic cartoon. The 5G speeds are not simply about faster downloads to your phone. No. They can enable cities to connect and operate with autonomous drones and robotics systems, as well as self driving vehicles and flying machines. If a soldier is injured in a far away location, a doctor can use the 5G network and operate with a robotic arm as if he or she was on site.

The incredible speeds of the 5G system is not made for humans. Thus, cities can come alive with robots, machines, drones, cyborgs, and bio-engineered people and entities. The people and technologies would have built in surveillance systems or connect to the smart city surveillance systems via a symbiotic process. Elon Musk’s Nearalink plans to cut open a small part of the human brain to insert with his Neural-ace Technology that merges humans with machines. In essence, you would no longer need a smart phone, as the transition to trans-humanism would begin, turning humanity into cyborgs.

Dangers of Mixing Humans with Machines

The person would be influenced or controlled by the Internets ecosystems involving search engines and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Tik Tok and Chinese Apps such as Wechat. The understanding of Free-Will would come into question. Your neural networks would directly be manipulated and altered by this process of merging humans with machines. The content in the Internets Eco-System would be reinforced by the 5G frequencies, radiation and mi-limiter waves to quickly assimilate a persons thoughts and belief. I call this Bio-Digital Social Programming. A process where your biology, nervous system, neural networks, cells, blood, skin receptors, emotions, digital image and even you spirit falls under control through a parasitical relationship of the 5G system and Nueralinks hooking up humans to machines powered by A.I. You become programmed through bio-digital social programming as your mind and body connect to the digital network, the internet and machines powered by artificial intelligence. This process would also include vaccines that would alter the body in way so that it can connect to the 5G network as people merge with AI and Machines.

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