This vid explains the inconsistences of truth we see in recent events of history and the so called Q Anon movement of which I am not part of. However it would be remiss of me if I at least listen to their case. My instincts tell me to be very wary and look for an agenda within an “agenda”.
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How can the true history of mankind of mapped? Is there a real Illuminati or is it a another waste of time to distract us yet again? Is this new agenda actually in our interest? Questions we all must ask. However some high level facts are documented and verified.

13 Families? (Top two)


Arguably the most powerful financial name in this world but are the others above them? In my opinion they are worth trillions but I need to do more reading. (so I could be 100% wrong) They control finance and banking. (quite literally)


They dominate health, academia and big pharma. Their hand maiden seems to be the big “Gill” himself. (Historical link between IBM – Nazi Germany and Microsoft)

George Soros (Schwartz György)

The architect of propaganda, the manipulation of the masses perceptions and the real “general” of political and human division.

And so on and so forth…All fascinating. You decide.

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  1. Thanks for shout out to the TTA website. I will keep those videos up in perpetuity. Since posting them, censorship has become rampant and freedom of speech is being chiseled away at rapidly.

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