Why won’t we accept that masks are seriously destructive? Simple answer – self deception. We believe what we believe even though it will kill us. We smoke, drink too much and now wear masks even though there are hundreds of published studies that say all of these are terrible for us.

I was recently scammed even though I knew it was wrong at the time because I told myself I am OK and I can handle it. Although it badly hurt me it will not kill me but masks will potentially kill you. You can tell yourself all day that those head aches are normal but they are not. Your brains cells are perishing and it could lead to long term damage or on another note bacterial chest infections in the short term.

Today it was 38 degrees Celsius in Sydney and I imagined people wearing masks. It will lead to car accidents, potential fainting spells and perhaps cardiac arrest.

When any government says that you should wear masks they are lying to your face and trying to hurt you. Plain and simple. They know what they are doing. Why they are doing it is another debate to have but there is no argument at all about masks.

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