take your medicine

I was walking down the proverbial when I head a voice in my head or was it audible – can’t remember? (Maybe I should reduce my drug intake or something) Anyways it said, Wear a mask you moron bastard!

I was stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. Shit! There were hundreds of people everywhere wearing masks! No matter here I looked I could not see a single person without one.

What am I doing wrong? What’s more I was getting very dirty looks! One guy approached me and grabbed my shoulders and shouted in my face, spittle flying, “Your killing my granny you homicidal maniac!” (the man looked about 80 in the shade so how the hell did he have a grandmother?)

I turned and fled. I had to escape. “Murderer!” The voices were getting louder now. I found a small corner store and entered with DING! There was no-one in it and I pretended to look for something until an Asian lady came out and started to shout in who-knows-what brandishing a sawed-off indicating I should leave. She was wearing a putrid mask and green dribble was running down her neck. Her eyes where bloodshot and she looked like she would keel over any second.

The mob was walking past and looking for someone so I ducked. The weapon discharged and I felt something cut open the top of my head. Blood ran freely down my face. Head wounds always seem worse. I told myself as I began to feel giddy. I was on my haunches and fell over on to my back making a stack of cans fall on top of me. BOOM rang the second shot. My face began to burn like hell. Something had sliced it open. I looked down at my chest and canned tomato was all over me. I scrambled to get up slipping on the juice falling on my ass again.

The old lady was standing over me now and reloaded with nimble skill I did not think was possible. The rounds looked like… syringes? Her mask was pulled down over her neck and she was smiling revealing black rotten teeth. Shit her eyes looked evil. They looked like…like…Bill fu…en Ga..s and now she was laughing in his voice. “Die eater!” She said.

I was awake and bolt upright and soaking in sweat.

Welcome to the future, said a distant voice.