letter to western oz..

Please can you explain to the Western Australian community why you are claiming that there has been a ‘global pandemic’ of a new coronavirus when there is no science to support this statement?

The many flaws in the WHO ‘pandemic’ claim have been exposed and I am wondering why the AMA is still promoting this agenda in WA that continues to remove human rights from West Australians without any scientific basis.

The flaws in the claim of a ‘global pandemic’ include:

1) The WHO’s original claim in March 2020 was based solely on a mathematical model that used flawed assumptions about virus transmission. This is not science. This model wildly exaggerated the deaths/cases and was dumped by the US Surgeon-General, Jerome Adams, on 13 April because it was “not based on real data“.

2) Locking down countries and closing borders is not the traditional evidence-based method of controlling any infectious agent due to the way in which they cause disease. The WHO admitted this fact on 12 October 2020.

3) The only way to get ‘real data’ in order to declare a ‘global pandemic’, is to experience the virus in the country and use the traditional methods of isolating and quarantining the sick people first to see how this virus is transmitting in different countries and host populations. This was never done to prove that the virus would have been a ‘pandemic’ in Australia. No real data has been collected in Australia and now it is clearly showing it is not a true medical pandemic.

4) Closing borders as a ‘precautionary measure‘ before a virus is in the country is not a scientific method and has never been used to control any infectious agent.

5) The ‘cases’ of this disease were people without symptoms that were used by the mainstream media to frighten the public about a ‘pandemic’. The cases were based on a positive a RT-PCR test that cannot diagnose infections in healthy people. The test is a useless test for diagnosis, and even if it could accurately detect an infection, (which it can’t), it has a very high false-positive rate (>40%) that means many healthy people are being quarantined that do not even have a virus that may or may not have ever produced ‘flu-like’ illness in this person. Portugal has recently stated in a court ruling that ‘The PCR test is unreliable and quarantines unlawful’.  

Dr. Andrew Miller – Please listen to these doctors from all over the world saying there is no true medical pandemic and that the new COVID19 vaccine is experimental and unproven for safety or efficacy. The vaccine includes synthetic (recombinant) Coronavirus 2019 (SARSCov-2) and other new technology: The Question on Everyone’s Mind: Experts Discuss COVID19 Vaccine.

As you know vaccine manufacturers are not worried about the safety of vaccines because they are indemnified for any harm caused by vaccines. This includes the safety of COVID19 vaccines, including the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I would like the Australian Medical Association and the Western Australian Health Minister, Roger Cook, to address this information and explain in your response why:

  1. You are claiming there is a ‘pandemic’ of a coronavirus and
  2. Why you are pushing for an unproven experimental COVID19 vaccine onto the population for a disease that 99.9% of people recover from and 99.6% of people over the age of 65 recover from and for which we have treatments?

Experimenting on the population is a breach of the Nuremberg Code and will result in a charge of genocide and crimes against humanity for perpetrators under the International Criminal Code Statute that Australia has ratified. This action against governments has already started in the international criminal courts.

Please include in your response to these points why you do not think that coercive vaccination policies – with any vaccine – classifies as genocide and a crime against the population, under Article 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Code Statute, when all vaccines carry the risk of serious disease and death for many people?

I have copied Travis Carter and Dwain Hill into this email and I look forward to hearing your response on radio 897 FM soon. This is an open letter that I will publish on my website.

Kind regards,

Dr. Judy Wilyman