enjoy your side affects

Some very significant experiments are being conducted on you-know-who

If you take the experimental vaccine for something that has not been proven to exist (please show me if you find it) you should expect some serious side affects, many of which may not raise their ugly heads for years. In fact this is the biggest experiment in the history of the modern world. We are their test subjects. We are their rats and monkeys and they do not care about the outcomes otherwise would they be rushing it? It needs to be done correctly. Why are they so desperate to immunize us all?

Another interesting question is this – if someone has the vaccine and are protected why do those who chose not to have it a danger to those who had it? Surely if I have it then I need to worry about getting the disease? Is that not how vaccines work? There are so many inconsistencies in their approaches to this supposed deadly disease that they are hard to number. Their unwillingness to test it thoroughly tells me there is something more to it than meets the eye.

Science has been thrown out the window and to me it looks like the world is being directed by witch doctors and not MD’s because there is no rhyme or reason for any of it. Since the beginning they sound more like a cult than a logically thinking cohesive group of scientists and governments working together to help save people.

Good luck if you take the vaccine because you really are going to need it. I would say you will be very fortunate indeed if something very serious does not occur.

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