suicide over the globalists screwing the farmers

The farmers’ protest in India is taking a tragic turn, with a Sikh priest killing himself “to express anger and pain against the government’s injustice.” In all, 25 farmer deaths have been reported in the three weeks since hundreds of thousands of farmers started amassing on the borders of Delhi.

The deaths have been attributed to accidents and the extremely cold weather in the nation’s capital. As the death toll mounts, farmers are demanding compensation from the Narendra Modi government.

The man who shot himself was Baba Ram Singh, a 65-year-old priest, who left behind a suicide note, saying that he was sacrificing his life to support the farmers.

His note said:

“I feel the pain of farmers fighting to ensure their rights… I share their pain because the government is not doing justice to them. To inflict injustice is a sin, but it is also a sin to tolerate injustice. To support farmers, some have returned their awards to the government. I have decided to sacrifice myself.”

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