1. CV-19 exists only in the imagination of the media. The media are the delivery method of the lie that there is a pandemic.
  2. The fact is there is no virus because you cannot catch a virus. (the small point that they have never proven it to exist – they just say they have the DNA but of what? You see the basic flaw here?)
  3. PCR is not test. I repeat it is not test nor ever has it been – ask the inventor -sorry view what he said as he passed away just before the pandemic… (What can be tested if they don’t know what it is anyway?)
  4. Viruses are our body’s way of cleansing itself of contaminants. It is poison trying to escape.
  5. Our environment is saturated with contaminants from our water to plants, food, meat and the air not to mention EMF. ( let’s not forget junk food, Coke etc)
  6. The vast majority of pharmaceuticals are contaminants. They might relieve symptoms but cause other health issues and fill us with “poison.” We are addicted to them.
  7. Doctors are taught to prescribe these drugs and use lab testing to see what poisons we need next.
  8. They are payed, wined and dined by the pharmaceutical companies.
  9. It all works together to cause numerous diseases including cancers, immune disorders and neurological disorders just to name a few. (the list is massive and there is a drug to help them all)
  10. They have been indoctrinated to prescriptive drugs and taught to recommend vaccines from their first day in school. (Funnily enough they themselves rarely take vaccines.)
  11. Vaccines are mostly poison to our bodies. They add to the oxidants that bombard us, destroy our cellular structure and contaminate us down to our DNA.
  12. Vaccines contain aborted babies DNA as well as numerous other carcinogenics and do nothing but poison you more.
  13. Vaccines often are used to cause so called pandemics as they contain the virus that makes you sick and then they blame the virus that they pumped in to you. (repeat cycle and use the media and academia to indoctrinate you for the next pandemic)
  14. Academic institutions are bought and paid for by those who control the pharmaceutical industry and the banks that keep it all well oiled.
  15. Governments are merely part of the mafia that smile, promise you everything and then screw you when they get elected because they serve someone else.
  16. A satanic group of 13 families and numerous other incredibly complex secret organizations control the world via the banking system. Money drives all of the countless agendas.
  17. Billionaires make money because they are chosen to not because they better than you in any way. (Example: Gill Gates was handed Microsoft on a platter)
  18. Central Banks, mainstream banking institutions and governments are part of the global mafia and the instruments of your financial debt enslavement.
  19. The goal is simple – complete and utter control.
  20. The goal is basic – your enslavement and preferably your death.
  21. Taxes, fees, fines, duties and the myriad of other financial encumbrances are not to raise money for society but to ensure we always struggle and get further in to debt.
  22. A tiny percentage of world’s population possess the actual wealth of this planet.
  23. This tiny percentage manipulates most financial markets worldwide and own almost all the gold too.
  24. They are preparing to reset the whole box and dice very soon to make you as poor as possible.
  25. You will rely on them and therefore they can vaccinate you whenever they like otherwise you cannot buy/sell or basically scratch your arse.
  26. The vaccine will change your very DNA and even they are unsure about every change but are very excited to see what will happen to you.
  27. Meanwhile you wear a mask (that again poisons you), allows them to track and trace you by checking in your cafe and somehow you still believe vaccines are for your own good as are the intentions of our governments even after points 1-26.

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