The shot called Covid-19 vaccine is NOT a vaccine – I repeat it is NOT a vaccine. Remember this post? There is a regime and it is called “The Beast” and it is behind all of this. The evidence is all around us.

The substance that needs to be stored at incredibly low temperatures is not any kind of vaccine we have ever seen because it isn’t! Remember this patent? It is an inject-able device to control and/or monitor an individual.

Did you hear that? It is not going to immunise against anything except potentially your ability to make choices and relieve you of your free will.

The machines that they are so anxious to get “in di yah” (slang for in-to-you) will not make you healthier. They will do as I speculate and who knows what else? It is a massive experiment that they want to see results on a mass scale so they can perfect it. The future versions will be nothing less than Satanic curses or techno-black-magic.

I repeat – you are being infested with techno-black-magic designed by the Luciferian elite. I would think I was mad as a meat axe 12 months ago and “off-my-tree” but now I am very sure of the big picture. The details would take lifetimes and we do not have time. I am torn. I am tortured because I feel like a “nutter-in-wilderness”. I wake up each morning wishing I was wrong every day.

Feel free to watch this video from a very brave Pastor who knows it is all a great deception and will not submit to the beast’s desire to enslave.

These are my thoughts which is backed up by plenty of science if you want to look for it. But as always verify opinions. At least look in to the vaccine.

You don’t have to be a follower of “the Way” to appreciate this.