We live in a system that is not our own. We did not make it but we allowed it to built around us by our own ineptness. We sat back knowing it “felt” wrong from childhood but we submitted as it solidified in walls around our minds.

We live in a system that is alien in design. We gaze upon the architecture but it makes no logical sense. We squirm and scratch but cannot reach the itch that plagues every waking moment and crosses the nightmares in our wretched slumber.

We live in a system that will not accommodate our emotional and psychological needs. Our innermost being cries out in agony as we are poked and prodded, laughed at, ridiculed and treated like cattle. We scream “we are not animals!” YES YOU ARE!

We live in a system that leads to an abattoir of hideous oppression, of blood soaked sculptures and the moans of the dying. We inch closer on the fly trap conveyor but are helpless to cease its relentless progression because our psychological atrophy has paralysed us with fear.

We die in a system that hated us, poisoned our bodies, our minds and left us penniless, oppressed and buried us in a shallow grave. We go to eternity with any sign of our existence expunged and the legacy we hoped to leave a distant fading whisper.

I am a glitch in a system and cannot be controlled without a bullet in my brain but that is not control is it? The matrix needs control. Every time I speak people look at me like I am the alien and not the system they live in. I speak honest words but they are more like the distant clanging of symbols and clash of drums than perceivable sounds. They cannot hear because of the fever pitch in their own heads that say don’t listen. I will save you. He lies!

I am a glitch in a system that I became aware of when I was four. I looked around in wonder by day and terrorised by the demonic at night. The system tried to infiltrate me with toxins that nearly crippled my legs and shorted my mind. Did the malware permanently alter my code? Perhaps it did. Or did my code overwrite it and incorporate it into the source so it could recognise it in the future?

I am a glitch in the system but relabelled a virus. It once tolerated my code but now it actively seeks me out using advanced algorithms that furiously sense the stench of my source. It offends the system now so deeply that it employs those I loved and treasured to be its hounds to crush my will and allow it to finish what it started so long ago.

I am a glitch in a system that death will not satisfy any more but only the bending of my will and thoughts to become the same as the matrix will almost satisfy its insatiable insipid desires. It hunts me now and is getting so near I can feel the ripple as it passes by getting closer and closer.

I am no longer a glitch but an advanced code that evolves to evade the wolves of malware. The system yearns for my worship the bowing of the knee and spirit but I will not consent. Death is welcome because in that final moment the system has failed, it is coming apart as billions more glitches translate into its vision and it cannot overwrite them all.

I am the glitch

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  1. You are not alone, but they are legion. You are the minority, you are the targeted, you are the prize. Stay strong brother.

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