I really hate reality TV. It’s a poor excuse for cheap slapstick garbage where you find people who want to be famous and who obviously have no talent and are made to do things they may not ordinarily do. You film it patent it and then produced variants with plenty of sexy bodies included to draw in the crowds. However the scary thing is some reality TV should be watched!

Enter Agenda 21. It sounds so ridiculous that the main stream presstitutes call it conspiracy but Satan Klaus writes books that tell us something different entirely. He clearly believes in what he says and makes Bond villains look like kindergarten teachers.

What amazes me is how pre-programmed we have all become. If a key word/s like conspiracy theory is used we automatically label it the domain of flat earthers. (Quite ironic) The lie is there in plain view but everyone worships their little (massive these days) tans-human vision boxes. If the man on TV said it is must be true. Then people like the Knight of the New Normal smash into submission anyone who doubts the message. (he is somewhere in this scrap book)

Dr Vernon will put it much more eloquently

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