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criminals make covid vaccines – no really they do.

January 28, 2021 By godfrey

How do you feel about known criminals selling us something that could make us sick and does not actually protect us from Covid or anything? Sounds like the old fashion day’s in the wild west. Remember snake oil salesman? People have moved on from then and we have smart phones, internet, degrees and overall are way smarter. So that could not possibly happen again and again and again and again?

Those that don’t just trust Wikipedia and fact checkers know that vaccine companies such as Pfizer have a long criminal records. Why do governments allow companies like this to distribute something so significant? Would governments allow other companies with criminal records sell stuff to us?

Some examples

VW – known to have significant issues, lied about emissions and fined billions yet we still buy them hey?

Monsanto – (Roundup) – settles claims for 10 billion for cancer but moronic fact checkers say it is OK as a pesticide. Are you joking? I think these so called fact checkers are disgrace. Oh, Monsanto has links to NAZI Germany but hey no problems with that! They are also owned by Bayer so keep away from unless you drive a VW then go ahead…poking fun at you but seriously you drive a VW? Remember Agent Orange? (Sometimes issues arise decades later like my dad dying of lung cancer).

James Hardie – asbestos. Nothing wrong with that! According to some dumb kid that edits the Wikipedia they are very trustworthy indeed and of course you can trust Wikipedia right?

You can find thousands more examples of blatant mass murder by massive multinational companies that line the pockets of governments but I would never suggest anything untoward.

Question for me and you – Why the #$G% do we give money to criminals and feel OK about it? Are we brain dead? I ask myself the same questions regularly. Just saying hey? Do we just forget history and tell ourselves – no worries, she’ll be right. Of course history never happened if we ignore it right?

Sorry we went astray there however as previously reported by health Impact News Pfizer is one of the largest criminal organisations in the world, having repeatedly paid out BILLIONS of dollars in settlements for fraud, including a 2009 settlement for fraud that they reached with the U.S. Department of Justice for $2.3 BILLION, the largest ever fraud settlement in the history of the DOJ at that time. (Source.).

Health Care Fraud led the pack, with over $19 BILLION in settlements, and no serious close competitors.

Thanks for the information yet again Heath Impact News!

Did I mention the vaccine is experimental but let’s all go out and get it? Would you drive an experimental car not tested vigorously that has already killed people? (with your baby on board)

If you still are on board with it then don’t let me stop you. It is your right to do so. (I wish someone warned me about this stuff a few decades back. Would have been nice.)