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February 8, 2021 By godfrey

Source: Sky News Australia

AMA President Omar Khorshid says the association is not backing a vaccine passport at this stage because so far none of the vaccines have been shown to stop transmission of the virus.

“We’re not backing a vaccine passport at this stage because none of these vaccines have been shown to actually reduce the chances of you catching the COVID virus nor transmitting it to other people,” he told Sky News.

“We’ll get more data about that in time but right now having been vaccinated doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of the chances of you bringing the illness into another country. “Once we have data about herd immunity and how the vaccines work in that respect then there may be a place for some sort of vaccine passport. “But I think that’s some months away as of yet”.

Oh yes there is that small detail isn’t there? They admit that it will not stop the infection.

So why have the vaccine if it does not vaccinate against the disease?

This seems like scientific insanity to me. Vaccines should protect you against the specific infection. When I was ignorant I got a Hep B shot and guess what. It supposedly protected me against….Hep B. Yes fancy that!

This new mRNA vaccine does not actually stop you from getting Covid-19 because I am speculating based on all the propaganda they want to release it for “all the variants” that are already on the way. Let’s forget that fact that no-one in any country can prove it exists as they tell us it does so why a vaccine?

That leads to another fact. If it is not for the new virus or variants than what is it for? Please ask yourself that question.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

“Following a thorough and independent review of Pfizer’s submission, the TGA has decided that this vaccine meets the high safety, efficacy and quality standards required for use in Australia.”

This is for two years which by the way is the same length as the first stage of the trial. You said what? It is called provisional approval. (Code for trial)

A committee met to approve but where are the minutes for that meeting and the criteria for something that will be offered to millions people?

We could get bogged down for years here so let’s get the summary from a doctor who has done the research. She is from New Zealand but the process is fairly universal and take 10-15 years.

Can this be compressed downwards? Think Ebola and where is that vaccine? A quick search says it is still in the pipeline. (2013-2016) It is still experimental.

Let’s enjoy this video.

You might want to check out if SARS-COV-2 exist too if you are curious because there is no trace of SARS-COV-1