vaccines are part of a binary weapon of mass destruction

February 9, 2021 By godfrey

Recently I saw a piece from a you tuber (never heard of him) about binary weapons. These are ingenious and destructive chemical combinations that are kept separate but when mixed together become lethal. On their own they will not kill necessarily but when they work as one or on concert their intent becomes apparent. I want to ask you a simple question if you are not familiar with vaccines. Why are certain toxic ingredients in the concoction that makes a vaccine. (look in to it) On their own and in lower amounts they might not kill or cause immediate harm to the biological that receives the dose but if the internal mechanisms that detox cannot remove them they must go somewhere. There are many examples however a binary weapon will rely on a specific environment to activate. In other words one agent mixes with another and it goes bang!

Our bodies are enormously complex and robust systems. We can take a beating and recover from many traumas caused to us and you do not need me to explain this to you. However as I have been digesting the vastness of the scale of the contaminants and toxins we ingest over our life I realised that some are perpetuated specifically for a reason. Again there is a design behind them all. Think of it this way. It is like musical  instruments are searching for each other to make a symphony. However it is not one we want to hear as it means illness, disability and death.

Even science has been bastardised to accommodate the illusions we have been fed our whole lives and I am constantly finding more inconsistencies of truth and have to change the way I think about essentially everything. I am still trying to apply these revelations practically but it is incredibly difficult as the world is tuned very tightly to the deceptions and like a piano that has been out on sync since we can remember finding the correct tones is close to  impossible without knowing something you have no knowledge of. To add to this frustration is the combination of disciplines this transcends. We are speaking 100s of sciences (some so called) that millions of people specialise in their whole life. How can one human understand it all? Not possible. I have been concentrating on meta data because taking on that much information again cannot be done in  many lifetimes let alone years.

However what I have noticed is the various sciences and medical professions have a common link. That is very easy to trace as it leads to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry squarely. Of course these alone do not explain the binary weapon analogy. What we have to understand is these various industries have numerous labs, research facilities  and factories that do not all co-ordinate together at the lower levels but at the upper echelon to create the binary weapon. To make this even more complex we have the food and agricultural industries adding the cacophony or noise and illusions.  They are all driven deliberately for one purpose – to kill, or maim, cause chronic illness and conditions that combine to produce death. The vaccine is potentially one of the final components to genocide as it combines everything that is already in place.

There you have it in a nutshell because I know attention spans are minute these days. Pull this all apart and look in to it if there is enough time. However if I was giving myself advice I would research Bill Gates and where his vast billions go. Do not trust sheep media as they will just misguide you. Start perhaps with and watch – Who is Bill Gates. Then look at and his very early health articles. Read them from oldest to new as they each cleverly build on the previous information disseminated. Then sites like will start to look like the truth rather than the Anti-vaxxer blah blah blah rhetoric. (and like this crazy post) There is one tip I can share with you. If the main stream media label someone “right wing”, “conspiracy theorist” and discredit without credible evidence other than crap-o-pedia or other MSM than you should probably look at that person and see what they actually said. Chances are there is some good meat to be found. But try some milk first like what I mentioned in where to start.

Here is that video if you are interested but it might sound a bit crazy to be honest.