1.9 trillion

I think you need to see where money ends up in order to see the original intent of bailouts and economic injections. If you were to take 5 minutes you would see that our current financial system is a Ponzi scheme to its core. 95% of people would have no idea of this and nor did I however it is true. I say this because debt is used as the primary way to grow economies world wide and lately all we have seen is money printing.

So who benefits from these massive printing press spurges? You probably guessed it! The 1% of the world’s wealthiest. In fact 2020 was one of the hugest transfers of wealth in modern history. While small businesses close forever and people are forced in to poverty this tiny elite class thrive. The divide has never been more pronounced. There is a podcast here called the parable of Covid which originated from the Off Guardian. A brilliant piece of writing that uses fiction to explain in simple terms exactly what is happening. Incidentally someone said it sounded the narrator was on pot but he shall vehemently deny such allegations.

In case you just emerged from a fallout shelter, all main stream media is owned by the same people who ended up with the cash. You get my drift baby? The game is rigged from beginning to end and you are merely a surf in the paddock. Anthony Robins vomits BS that you can become rich and famous just like him but he is one of their elk. I do not apologise if you are in to these motivational speakers because in my view the vast majority sell snake oil. They will never explain that the game is rigged and the fact that we were never taught what real wealth is and how to accumulate it as kids (unless you happen to be born in to one of these elite families).

As always I digress so lets get back on the track. Biden the puppet of the elite will inject his cocaine in the the veins of the US to the tune of 1.9 trillion. There are two purposes for it

  1. Syphon more real wealth to his masters.
  2. Put a lead round in to the head of the teetering economy.

Sure this is over simplified but in a nutshell this will be the result. The market will collapse so hard that people will shell shocked for decades (assuming they survive) This is not my opinion but that of more refined experts. Should I tell you who they are? Ok at the bottom. (that is far better journalism that most trained professionals I see every day who just quote stuff out of the air)

So when our friendly neighbourhood masked rock spider who happens to be the leader of the free world (If you like that kind of language) tells the many millions of people in poverty and living in tents and motor homes that this is for their good. Don’t not believe a word.

Let me digress for a moment. (people sigh) But this will not take long.

Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chief of States , mayors, premiers and governors are not there for you. They are chosen by the top of the pyramid scheme called – The World. They are in their vast majority manipulated to be obedient.

So what do these people invest in? You might kick yourself or nod your head. Gold. Gold and more gold (sure amongst other tangible assets) Why have countries been transferring gold to their vaults and China been buying record amounts of silver? Why are the gold and silver prices manipulated by the pyramid toppers? I will leave that for you to ponder.

Here are just a handful of experts I have gleamed my vast knowledge from (anything but)

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