are we willing to die for stranger?

This alternate reality I wake to every day is doing my head in. I find it hard to keep composure knowing what is happening around me. People are unsuspecting of just what is coming. It is like a creeping death that slowly but surely grows around you until it is too late to get away. I think we are past that point now. We cannot get away.

In case you haven’t been keeping up governments are no longer keeping their promise to serve the public and have not been for many decades. Political parties are all a big show and the shadow government has been moving all of the chess pieces for checkmate against the masses. (that is us) They have set this up for a very long time and we allowed it. So now it is too late.

Demonstrations will not work. Marching down streets banging pots and pans will only delay the inevitable. It is naive to think differently. Hunkering down will also fail because the are coming for us. They will not rest and have limitless resources. We have numbers but are not willing to play that card and they are ready for it. We are basically screwed.

I sound pretty pessimistic don’t I? That is because this is the reality. The enemy is in our gates and has surrounded us. We think we have moves but we don’t. We can tell ourselves we can make a last stand but we can not. We are lying to ourselves.

There are no 300 super heroes making a magnificent stand. Fantasy will not work. Q-Anon deceived us us that so they could position that checkmate. Fighting in a conventional way will be suicide. Perhaps some freakish event could occur and we will gain reprieve. But that would postpone the final stage of this all.

The question is are we willing to sacrifice ourselves for others? Am I ready to lay down my life for a complete stranger or for a child yet unborn knowing that in my death someone else will be saved. We will have to rise up in the millions. I mean 30-40% at least to give us a snow flakes chance.

We have to blow the pieces off the board completely and remake the game. Many of us will perish if this has a chance. But I am in self delusion. The world has become so self focused that 99.9% of the populace will click on the default setting of ME. Preserve me and my own. Protect my little world.

I cannot stop myself being reminded of one man that did die for complete strangers. In fact he died for people who hated him knowingly. That gives us one eternal choice left. You know what that is. If millions make this choice than a miracle would occur because that is what we need. We are beyond our own resources and abilities.

Most will chuckle as they scoff blaming someone they call god for all their choices that they made their whole life and for all the times we turned the other way and did not cross that road to help a dying man figuratively or in most cases literally.

So sit back in your underwear with the last cold one and wait for them to come for you. Or don’t. Take the chance and roll the dice on an experiment and perhaps your DNA will save you this time. (this time…)