The Hunchback of Victoria

February 15, 2021 By godfrey

Breaking News: Victoria, Australia in lockdown again.

Dan Andrews is a corrupt politician in my opinion which is  based on verifiable facts. If there was any benefit of any doubt to given it has long since left the building. However Dan is not the problem as he is just a muppet. (I mean puppet) Dan is just one of hundreds of thousands worldwide that are towing the line of their masters. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Not really. If people look in to it they would find the evidence. In fact search this scrap book if you dare and you will find hundreds of hours of research and resources.

I hear you say – “I don’t have time.” My reply to you is than go away and believe the lie that could murder your family, community members and people in your country. If you don’t believe this than you have not studied history and will repeat the mistakes out of ignorance. However if you actually possess some balls you might want to take this seriously and look in to it. This is coordinated worldwide and the same sewage is being spewed by politicians everywhere. It’s like they have one playbook! That’s because the do!

Victoria is the experimental lab for other countries. The terrible crimes committed by the police force you might have heard about are being duplicated all over the world. Lockdowns do not work and never have. What lockdowns do is assert power. They do not deal with any fantasy virus but let the population know who is the boss. They are telling you that democracy and constitutional rights are fiction. They are demonstrating that all the old way of doing things is ending and you better fall into line and be a good little sheep.

So who are they? They are the people who control the central banks, pharmaceutical industry, food industries and pretty much every other industry in the world. They use the trillions of profits to control via their proxies that masquerade as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, The World Health Organisation, The World Economic Forum and the United Nations. They control every central bank in almost every nation. They have been building this power and wealth for hundreds of years. They have committed genocide before in WW1, WW2, Nazi Germany and post WW2 in Europe. They are behind communism and the various brutal dictators like Stalin. That is just a small sample of sea of blood that they have shed.

These same individuals control the child trafficking and drug industry as well as the various mafia mutations in every culture in the world. They own Hollywood and produce all of the cinema and main stream media companies that fill our eyes and ears with pure propaganda and whatever else that want you and I to believe. Sorry I forgot to add 99% of academic institutions that educate the medical and research industry. Have I missed anything? OH yes – our governments and every major intelligence community like the FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, FSB, Mossad and Interpol.

You say, “Garbage. What nonsense. You are a conspiracy theorist!” I say, guess who taught you to think and say that?

You say, “Prove it!” I say, I already have but you are too lazy to read it.

You say, “Well I disagree with you based on blah blah blah!”. I say where did you hear Blah, blah, blah?

You say, “I don’t have time for your conspiracies!” I say… Nothing and hope your stupidly does not get you and your family murdered or worse…enslave them…enslave us all.


Dan Andrews expiry date is almost passed. There is talk that his staff getting paid too much tax payer money, that the media are propaganda tools for him and he has to go! You see the same old same old story playing again and again all over the world. This government have all resigned, Boris must go and so on on so forth. The New World Order is almost here. I hope you enjoy it.