be jabbed and die

Today I focus on the Capital of Australia called Australian Capital Territory. (a very original name I know!) Care homes in the Capital Territory of Australia will be given a lethal injection this week by a piece of human garbage called Andrew Barr (and his illegal government that the people voted against its original formation twice) this week. A little bird who worked in the homes and was trained told someone who told me.

In other good news the moron thinks that he can make contact tracing mandatory in March by hiding it as a “check in” app on smart phones. Surely Barr’s people have read the Bio Security Act of 2015 and the Health privacy Act of 2020 which says enforcing apps as contact tracing cannot be done without a Bio Security Order from an authorised Bio Security Officer so Barr is just another lying mother! Also Barr knows it is ILLEGAL to force someone download “whatever” contact tracing app and use it to upload information if the individual chooses not to and make that a condition of entry in to a business.

People don’t talk about the Capital of Australia much because most hate it as it is where the slimy cowards hunker down to vomit the lies to Australia. These are the same people who want us to get the Pfizer injection or should I say Holy Water! Of course Pfizer is really such a wonderful company that does incredibly amazing things for all us all!

Let’s talk Pfizer

Snakes slivering around the capital parading as human beings promote all of this like the 10 or so people that died in the last year make a pandemic. Seriously I can’t even bother debating such idiocy. However they will insist they are protecting older people and encourage all to take the lethal shot. This is called evil in case you wanted a word for it. Knowing that something is experimental and could kill people yet smile and saying we all should get it cannot be described in other way. We should use the correct terminology when describing these reptiles.

In this video so called discredited mad raving lunatic Vernon Coleman (according to Google) explains just how far the lizard people (he he he – politicians) will go.

What you must understand is we all have the covid demon and must be delivered from it. Listen to leaked message describing the real beliefs behind this all.