People are hard wired in to a world wide system of deception, oppression and possession. (Most can barely can tell the difference between their butt and their head so let’s be honest here shall we?) Call that apparatus the mainframe for arguments sake. Like we have said and read before there seems to be no end to the ability of the mainframe to transmit misinformation downstream that contradicts all logic and common sense. (Sounds like Orwell’s 1984) In fact the mainframe does it to see just how far it can push minds past subservience and make them think they are more than slaves on a plantation smiling while as they cease to exist by the thousands. So far it’s looking pretty sweet for the mainframe.

  • Why were masks bad less than a year ago but now we need two?
  • Why has something no-one ever found or proven causing such terror?
  • Why has there been no peer reviewed study clarifying the effectiveness of lock downs?
  • One of The Mainframes subsidiaries (The Who) told us they are a failure but then we go ahead and impose them anyway?
  • Why has the flu gone the way of the dodo?
  • Why do more people die of other causes in previous years but people still say the P word?
  • Why don’t people understand that many die every year as they always have but calling it a new name makes it all of a sudden worse than previous years even though statistics don’t support that?
  • Why are businesses willing to close down this year when the flu has been around every year?
  • Why are businesses so willing to take the responsibly of policing us and ensuring we are medically treated but if we refuse they will not supply us with… food?
  • How is anything different to a year ago statistically and realistically?
  • Why does anyone raising these facts become the target of vicious attacks from the mainframes and its subsidiaries?

We could just keep going on and on. But what is the point? Will it ever stop and will people ever stand up in the tens of millions and destroy that main frame once and for all? I doubt it. The mainframe has always viewed us all as eaters, wasted space and barely above cockroaches. Those of us that are creative and particularly productive get to stay on and be the mainframes favourite pets but that is a very elevated position and next to impossible to attain. In fact with the rise a A.I, Quantum Computing, Mass Automation supervised and controlled by A.I the mainframe has decided they will need around 500 million eaters in total.

You have to ask yourself is there space in that ark for you? Be realistic we have zero chance unless you already are a pet and even then your usefulness could expire momentarily.

  • Would you want a 50 year old super model if you could have your choice of any 20 year old?
  • If robotic bio-constructs can do everything you want them to do without complaining, wanting rights or caring how long they live why should you just not go ahead and euthanize unwanted excess to save resources?
  • If you want to bath in vast pools of gold, jewels and naked supermodels who is going to stop you? The eaters? Don’t make me laugh!
  • If you like the idea of millions bowing down and kissing your ass after implanting them with a remote chip what is the need for debate? Who cares? Chip them, inject them and switch off life support if you get bored.
  • If you desire instant feedback to an experimental DNA altering mechanism but could not be bothered waiting 10-15 years you can just tell all the eaters they have no choice and watch them squirm as you compress 1000s of years of data in to a few months. (Like Nazi Germany on steroids)

Oh look the eaters are so numb, dumb and plumb they they forget what happened yesterday let alone what happened in Nazi Germany, post war Germany and our many glorious experiments like Rwanda. (We are particularly proud of that one they giggle) But hey you eaters we have only just started. We have many more years of enjoyment and surprises for you all. Life is so good when you are the mainframe.

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