It has been a year since I first started this scrap book to document the end of the world. I expected that in the onset potentially millions of people would die and hospitals would be so overwhelmed with the perishing like the movie contagion. At the beginning I just followed the main stream media and had no idea what was actually happening but as time went on something felt off. Like the foul smell from the fridge you cannot pinpoint you know when you locate the offending food it will rotten and very unpleasant to behold. I knew within my heart that what was being said by media and government was not actually what was occurring around me.

In the true spirit of an investigative reporter (tongue in cheek) I began to dig and in order to do so I realised that I needed to listen to the MSN less and find some alternative thinking. An overwhelming sense that we were all being played hit me like a tonne of bricks and so I decided that I needed to know what that deception was. Let me expectantly digress.

Now as much younger man I had loved a preacher called Barry Smith, an end of the world “conspiracy” character that gained significant notoriety in Australia and New Zealand back in the 80’s. Here are some thoughts about his three publications way back in 1990 after his third and final book – (he also taught numerous “seminars” released recordings and appeared on TV)

“The European Economic Community will number exactly 10 countries which will be assisted by a World Church to form the revived Roman Empire and will then destroy that World Church – which incidentally is based in Rome. Also the religious sacrifices of animals will be set up again in Jerusalem by Antichrist who is probably Henry Kissinger since his name adds up to 666. Three-and-a-half-years before Christ returns Antichrist will stop the sacrifices in Jerusalem. Then starts the 3½-year “great tribulation” during which 144,000 Jews preach everywhere worldwide.”

“December 1992 will see the end of “the cash economy.” This will result from an economic depression so bad: “It will mean the complete and utter end of cheques, bank notes and coins.”

“UFOs – proof of them being the Knowles experience in Western Australia – are “demonic spirits from the centre of the earth”

This is a segue for me to the present.

Since then much has occurred in the world which I cannot expect to fully comprehend however the following has become clearer –

  1. Dates although they have significance in numerology can change for these potential events and are not set in stone. The future can become fluid depending upon inputs from the past that alter its trajectory.
  2. The world leaders or Illuminati/New World Order/Anything you want to call them are not invincible as people seem to think they are. They are subject to many events that they cannot control – although deeply they desire to do so
  3. These people in the shadows are 100% psychopaths and do not care who gets hurt or how as long as they ultimately fulfil their perception of their destiny.
  4. There is a demonic entity call “Satan” who is most likely inspiring these people either directly or indirectly at many levels in society, religion, science, government and education systems. (Oh yes the MSN/Hollywood)
  5. The World System has been meticulously crafted since the beginning of man however its fatal flaw is its chaotic nature which will lead to its ultimate demise as it often fights itself from within. (point two)
  6. GOD indeed exists and works amongst people to reach every human being with a message of forgiveness and redemption and this is the only real power that can overcome point number 5 because change always occurs spiritually before the physical – And yes Yahushua is the way truth and the life.
  7. We mean less than nothing to our governments and they are at war with us while we are deceived in to thinking we are at war with almost anything and everything else around us.
  8. There has been vast amounts of resources poured in to point 4 and 5 to ensure our minds never have the chance to grasp point 6.
  9. The spiritual entity called “The Church” has catastrophically failed humanity since AD and has allowed the weeds to strangle The WORD and its perfect purity in three key ways
    1. The nature of world – creation/evolution and the globe theory. (Climate change?).
    2. The Nature of our health – our bodies, natural medicine, foods, herbs and the terrain “being everything”. The whole pharmaceutical industry and its motivations.
    3. Nature of Wealth – How real money is stored – how the banking systems of the elite mislead and steal the wealth of humans via numerous mechanisms ensuring subservience and slavery throughout the millennia. This includes the wealth stored in the earth for all to prosper and our societies to advance. (Example the biological fuel called oil, natural gas etc. that have been hijacked)

We could go on as I have barely articulated a tiny glimpse of the magnitude of the deception and just how deeply it has permeated every single aspect of our world so completely. Each point could have its own series of encyclopedias of knowledge. When I started this rambling I did not think I would end up here to be honest. I wanted to tell you how I “woke up”, “found the truth” or “became enlightened.” I did not want to know and accumulate such as vast overview or perspective. I knew there were many deceptions out there – the government could not be trusted and the media/Hollywood were closely related that they were almost the same. However when the pandemic was announced I still believed it and did not see the deception entirely.

Now I know that in reality I cannot accumulate actual knowledge to make up for my wasted life. I should have started decades ago to learn more about this world before such endeavours become legislated as illegal (yes coming soon). But saying “I should of and could of” will not remediate the canyon of foolishness and personal folly that adds up to my life. I could say I have many regrets which from time to time I do (If you read 29 years with Covid-19 – not that I expect anyone to because this is my scrap book) but I do not for some odd reason.

I did a voice thing about a man called Samson that many of us can relate to. He essentially gave up his life for the deception of sexual love. He compromised his own destiny but did he? In the end he brought down an empire and perished in that act. Was that his original purpose? I cannot say but I do know that I desire the same end as he even if the outcome is not so spectacular.

It has been a year since I first started this scrap book to document the end of the world and I think it could be nearer now with millions dying just like in the book called Contagion but not how it portrays it as caused by a virus as that whole theory is non-sense. Perhaps the world will see it as viral pandemic but it will not be as they believe. It could be potentially be far worse than any of us could possibly imagine. Can it be stopped or thwarted? I have no idea. I feel so helpless in the overall context of the powers at play right now. What can one man hope to do? Will I read this in a year and despair in my own folly yet again? Will another year of time be available to me? I have no answer or inkling. I do not think these words will even be read by anyone who cares and is willing to do something that forces its way past their/my self-centred obsession.

Had I lived at pivotal points during that past 2000 years could I have done something significant to influence the next 2000 that stopped the corruption of the church? Many have tried to make their mark in history but in that attempt they failed because the mark was never theirs. It must belong to others. I leave that thought right here for us both. Samson died for what he prayed for and will I be willing to do so as many before me even if no-one will make a memorial to it and those whom it affects may never be aware? I have a strong intuition that this is what it will take multiplied by thousands or millions of times.

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