Valerieann Foley was trying to take a TransLink SkyTrain to get home when she was violently and aggressively arrested, charged with assaulting a police officer, fined $460 and in need of medical attention for physical injuries that she acquired during her arrest all because the officer demanded she wear a mask, he would not recognize her medical condition for which she has a medical exemption and for that she was arrested. Seeking help Valerieann reached out to Rebel Media who aired a piece on Ms. Foley’s case while raising funds to help with her legal costs…Ms. Foley is dyslexic, she did not understand the implications of the contract that Rebel Media made her sign and after seeking clarification she was assured that the contract was only designed to give them the right to air the piece…she was not properly informed that she would NOT be receiving any donations that may have come in as a result of their piece.

Ms. Foley, a single mom is now facing a major legal challenge and her fund raising efforts have to start all over again from scratch so that she will have access to 100% of the funds with the help Press For Truth and you the viewers!

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