I put together this podcast to answer my own questions so it is for myself that I do this but you are welcome to listen. It might sound strange but there is much truth packed in to those 11 or so minutes. This is based upon a life time of contemplation but especially the last 12 months.

You see people ask how can the whole world be lying to us? How can governments, media and other organisations stand up and tell us to trust them knowing they are lying. I asked myself this very question for the last 12 months. Please understand that my brain is probably not like yours. Most people I meet and have met since I was four years old tell me I am weird however thinking differently is not wrong surely. It is when everyone says the same thing that you know something is not quite right. It is a bit of a hack but see what you think and leave some comments.

My teacher I allude to was a Jewish and obviously could speak fluent Hebrew, knew Judaism and also could understand ancient Greek too.


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