Comments: She is child of the new world order which is headed up by a tiny sect who by the way were rejected by the real Israelites originally in the 17th century but they took over and speak for all apparently. But the premier is one of their bright pupils and lies with the best of them. Anyone who is so naive to believe a word she say might just may deserve it but I am not that heartless! The Talmud allows her to lie and in fact encourages it so do not be surprised and so foolish to think otherwise. Before I wrote this I has no idea she was in fact Jewish and presto! I found out she is. Below is the original article. My eyes are opening up recently and it makes me very sad to these find these facts so blatantly obvious. Australian politicians are mostly lapdogs to the elite sect members if not Jews themselves. Perhaps she expect a seat at the big boys table – good luck with that – aint gonna happen.

It’s all a script anyway! Article starts below.

Brisbane will enter another three-day lockdown tomorrow morning, after seven new cases of coronavirus were reported there. The city is home to 2 million people.

The “outbreak” was reported on Saturday. At 0600 Tuesday morning, everything will shut in the city. Locals have been panic-buying as a result of the announcement. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said;

“I know it is really tough. We have Easter coming up, we have school holidays coming up. But let’s do it now and let’s do it right and let’s see if we can come through it at the other end.”

People will only be able to leave their homes for four essential reasons: exercise, shopping, necessary work and caregiving. Schools and workplaces will be closed as well as non-essential businesses and services.

Why do they obey? Why? This is the definition of tyranny. It’s not stupidity or bad policy. Palaszczuk isn’t dumb whatever else she might be. She knows that this is ridiculous. “Let’s see if we can come through it at the other end” she said. Really? Did she not laugh when she said that?

Seven healthy people test positive for a virus after taking a discredited test and you shut down a city of two million people?

It’s the compliance that kills me. How can people stand idly by and watch their businesses go down the toilet? Where’s the line in the sand? Is there anything that would jolt them into pushing back?

Snap lockdowns for seven cases. How long before someone moots the idea of snap lockdowns to combat air pollution or to help reach net zero carbon emissions? Not too long I imagine.

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