This is like a song of truth I found or an excellent summary of all of the evil that is rained upon us all. It speaks to the perpetrators of these crimes or acts of unimaginable heinous evil against all of humanity. These individuals believe they are “justified.”

  • “You who deny us our prosperity,
  • you who deny us our family life by making us work longer and harder for less,
  • you who deny our children their mothers’ care,
  • you who deny our disabled and elderly decent care and dignity,
  • you who imprison our children for the enjoyment of a harmless herb that has already served humanity well for thousands of years while at the same time allowing the pharmaceutical mafia to drug them with the worst kind of mind-destroying chemicals,
  • you who deny poverty-stricken farmers viable seeds while promoting harmful GM crops for corporate profit,
  • you who deny us our health so we can be robbed and poisoned by the pharmaceutical mafia,
  • you who put stupefying, mind-dulling, and physically damaging neurotoxins like and Aspartame and MSG in our food and drinks,
  • you who are about to deny us beneficial concentrations of food supplements like coenzyme Q10, Omega-3 fatty acids, herbal preparations, and beneficial quantities of our vitamins and minerals, while adding a variety of toxic chemicals to our food and drinks so we will die before we grow old enough to collect our social security and pensions,
  • you who poison our drinking water with the highly toxic mind-destroying agent fluoride,
  • you who poison our air with chemtrails containing pathogens (name derived from the Greek language, meaning ‘birth of pain’.), like crystallized (‘weaponized’) mycoplasma, a disease agent causing illnesses like AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Type I diabetes, Wegener’s disease (and as it seems, the very scary and obviously manmade Morgellons disease),  
  • you who engineer and spread diseases to cull humanity,
  • you who create divisions amongst the people to fool them into sending their children to the frontlines of your engineered wars,
  • you who masterminded 9/11,
  • you who allowed it to happen,
  • you who have destroyed Life in Iraq and Afghanistan for the next 4.5 billion years with Depleted Uranium,
  • you who deny us our clean air, clean water and natural environment,
  • you who ruin our climate,
  • you who ruin the future of humanity,
  • you who ruin this planet,
  • I have a message for all of you:
  • The days when you were able to hide your heinous crimes, terrorist acts and perversities are over.
  • In these digital days you can’t pull a clumsy 9/11 job anymore without being exposed to the masses. The analogue days of Pearl Harbour, the sinking of The S.S. Sussex, the Gulf of Tonkin, and Operation Northwoods have long gone.
  • 9/11 marked the beginning of your end. The truth is spreading among the people and can’t be suppressed any longer.”

All of this is really just a drop in the bucket as many others buried in history but one day in the very near future all of it will be illuminated and those responsible judged for all of it. Yehushua forgave sin and became sin when he took all of this upon himself however the time of grace is now. Right at this moment and for any one of us it could cease in the next breath. We need to take that forgiveness while it is yet available. However, all of the above crimes will be revealed before GOD in the final judgment. The punishment will be completely in his hands but it will be just.

It is easy for me to hate when you realise just how wicked those who think they control us are and what they do to us each day. I have to put aside bitterness and unforgiveness every day and allow that judgment to be again placed into GODs hands and not mine. If we allow it to fester in will be our undoing and we will operate outside His grace. For me it is a constant internal conflict.

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