Kevin Galalae – 4 April 2021

Europe and indeed the entire world is up in arms because the measures governments are taking to
prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus are doing ten times more damage than the virus itself,
both physical and economic.

People everywhere can also no longer tolerate the blatant and shameless lies that national and
international authorities as well as the media are repeating endlessly and through every official
and mainstream channel doing untold psychological and emotional damage to every human
being on the planet.

Every human being on the planet is now painfully aware that the fundamental rights and liberties
that countless generations have fought and died for no longer exist and that those in power have
instituted a global totalitarian state under the pretext of a pandemic.

More and more people in every corner of the world are waking up to the reality that the Covid-19
virus is a political invention and that the world is not in the grip of a pandemic but of a

In ever greater numbers people everywhere are taking to the streets to stop the madness and the
lies, but to no avail since governments are hell-bent on pursuing their murderous measures
without end in sight.

But neither the people’s fears nor the governments’ madness or the media lies can be stopped
unless people know why governments have agreed to cooperate in this plandemic and to sacrifice
all political capital and the credibility of the entire system to see it through. Yet the answer is
simple and is rooted in geopolitics not medicine, since this is a political not a medical crisis.
The world’s governments have signed on to the UN sustainability agenda, which is well
publicized, but cannot be achieved unless first decarbonization and depopulation are
accomplished and this cannot be done openly because the first requires the destruction of large
sectors of the economy and the latter mass murder.

The decarbonization objectives are spelled out in the Paris Agreement, a legally binding
international treaty on climate change adopted by 196 state parties in Paris on the 12 th of
December 2015 and entered into force on the 4 th of November 2016. Its goal is to limit global
warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and for that to happen the
world must first reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and
carbon neutrality by mid-century; which is the most difficult, disruptive and costly undertaking
in the history of man.

1The depopulation objective is spelled out explicitly nowhere because it involves genocide and
crimes against humanity, but without it neither decarbonization nor sustainability are possible,
which is why it is being pursued under secrecy with the tacit agreement of most of the world’s
governments. Implicitly, however, the depopulation objective appears in the Overshoot Index,
which describes the sustainable population levels of every region and country on earth and the
degree to which the world is overpopulated. A plethora of official documents stating the world’s
plan for population stabilization does exist starting with the World Population Plan of Action
from 1974. Population stabilization at the current level of 7.8 billion people, however, makes
sustainability impossible even if every developed country were to arrest its development and
every underdeveloped country were to accept poverty in perpetuity.

Given this dilemma the world’s governments have decided to pursue both decarbonization and
depopulation behind the front of a plandemic and have engineered the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic to
this end. A plandemic allows governments to pursue both depopulation and decarbonization at
the same time while blaming nature for the devastation. A plandemic is also controllable
whereas a pandemic is not.

A plandemic also allows the world to pursue decarbonization and depopulation selectively.
Since 75% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the G20 nations it is only
these nations that are subjected to restrictive measures that are real and substantive and are
masked as pandemic prevention measures. And even among those nations only the richest,
namely those in the EU and the US, impose far more restrictive measures than the others; the
reason being that they can afford to support their people with financial assistance and that it is
them who are responsible for the vast majority of the CO2 gasses accumulated in the atmosphere
since they have been industrialized for the longest time. In the EU’s case, the restriction to
mobility and consumption under the pretext of pandemic prevention are the strongest in the
world also because the EU has decided to have the most ambitious greenhouse gas emissions
reductions targets in the world, as stated in the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law,
and the European Commission’s Vision. Whereas the world as a whole seeks a 7% annual
reduction in CO2 emissions, the EU seeks a 20% reduction, thus nearly three-fold more.

The depopulation program requires equal discernment since the developed nations, which are in
the last stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program, have inverted population
pyramids (meaning too many old people and too few young to bear the burden of the old) and
need to get rid of as many old people as possible; whereas the developing nations, which are in
the first stages of the demographic transition / depopulation program, still have expanding
population pyramids (meaning too many young people procreating too fast) and as such need to
sterilize as many young people as possible. Both these goals can be accomplished with Covid-19
vaccines and only with vaccines, which is why governments insist on vaccinating every adult
and why different age groups are being vaccinated at different times and, of course, with
different vaccine batches that are manufactures for different outcomes. That the mandatory or
quasi mandatory vaccination of all adults was planned at the same time as the plandemic is
2evidenced by the official documents of the EU, namely the Roadmap on Vaccination, and the
US, namely the National Adult Immunization Plan and its accompanying document A Path to
Implementation, all of which show that the mandatory vaccination of all adults was decided on
as early as 2018.

That depopulation and decarbonization are the true objectives of the plandemic is demonstrated
by the fact that depopulation and decarbonization targets are being accomplished while no
progress has been made on the pandemic front. Never mind that all statistics related to the
pandemic are complete and utter fiction, from mortality to infection rates, they show more not
fewer deaths and infections in 2021 than in 2020, which means not only that the pandemic
prevention measures have had no preventive effect whatsoever, but that in fact they have had a
detrimental effect.

On the other hand, the data on depopulation and decarbonization shows that the system’s targets
have been fully accomplished. The IEA’s data shows that in 2020 the world has accomplished
by far the greatest drop in CO2 emissions in history, a whopping -2.6 billion metric tons of CO2,
twice the reduction experienced during WW2, more than four times than during the 1930s Great
Depression and more than six times than during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Moreover, the Global
Energy Review: CO2 Emissions in 2020 shows that the world has accomplished exactly the
percentage of greenhouse gas emissions reductions as the UN’s Emissions Gap Report 2019 had
calculated to be necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, namely 7%.
The depopulation targets are just as accurately met, according to the data on fertility decline, old-
age mortality and death by hunger.

On the reproductive front, new data shows that sperm counts are set to reach zero by 2045,
which would spell the end of mankind, but neither the WHO nor any government is saying or
doing anything about it. The authorities are equally unconcerned about the ubiquitous presence
of neurotoxins in baby food and the drastic decline in IQ, both of which have far greater
implications for the survival of mankind than the Covid-19 flu, even if it were real. And there is
total silence also and no action whatsoever on the worldwide fertility decline and the 83 nations,
representing half the world’s population, with sub-replacement level fertility.

Aggregate data from Germany gathered by the Robert Koch Institute and published by Corona- under the title Dramatischer Anstieg der Todesfälle unter Senioren seit Beginn der
Corona-Schutzimpfungen (available also in English here) shows that the mortality rate among the
80+ age category is five to ten times higher after the vaccination campaign began than before. If
developed nations did not have a problem paying the medical costs and the pensions of the old,
and if their governments did not push untested experimental covid-19 vaccines with total
shamelessness on the population one would be inclined to ascribe this to a bad year. But the
writing is on the wall, as neither the Pfizer nor the Astra Zeneca or the Moderna Covid-19
vaccines have passed phase three testing and as such are experimental. At no other time in
3history have experimental vaccines been forced onto the entire global population, vaccines that
have already been shown to be deadly, and despite the desperate cries of medical experts. Yet
governments want us to believe that the elderly are first in line for covid-19 vaccines because
they are vulnerable and need to be protected.

The disruption brought about to supply chains by the illogical pandemic prevention measures
have caused a catastrophic global famine that will cost the lives of 300 million people
worldwide, the very people who live in extreme poverty and the UN is trying to lift out of it. But
instead of feeding the hungry the international system is pouring all its financial resources into
vaccinating the entire global population against a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.9%
according to the WHO and far lower, 0.1 to 0.3%, according to other sources. So far 2 million
people have supposedly died from the covid-19 plandemic but 300 million will die of hunger
caused by pandemic prevention measures and countless others will die of lack of medical care,
depression and desperation.

Clearly, the pandemic prevention measures taken by governments have worked wonders for the
system’s depopulation and decarbonization targets, but have had no effect whatsoever on
combatting the pandemic.

Now that it is bell-clear to all why governments have decided to play the plandemic card the
question is how do we stop them? And the answer is simple, by ensuring that they cannot
accomplish either their decarbonization or their depopulation targets, which is rather easy.
Demonstrations will not do this, as we have already seen. Demonstrations are met with violence
by governments. The world’s governments are willfully engaging in the destruction of the world
economy and of human life on a scale hitherto unknown. They have already annihilated all
rights and liberties and will not return them to us freely just because we go on the street, for if
they do all those responsible will either spend the rest of their lives behind bars or will be
executed for crimes against humanity.

The system’s decarbonization by plandemic strategy can be stopped by turning the motors of our
cars on and letting them idle for hours on end. That will eviscerate all traffic limitations,
lockdowns and curfews governments impose for the sake of lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Instead of wasting our time and energy marching on the streets and begging our governments to
stop the plandemic we will force our governments to run after us to shut down our motors. We
will turn the tables on them. And since the resources of governments are limited they will soon
become exhausted and will be left with no other choice than to pursue decarbonization openly
and within the rule of law. Furthermore, since governments continue to pretend that they respect
the rule of law and the right to demonstrate we need only place a sign on the front window of our
idling car saying that we are demonstrating against the decarbonization by plandemic measures
by running our cars. We will thus tie our governments’ hands behind their backs. We will check
mate them.

The depopulation by vaccination strategy is just as easily shut down. We need only refuse any
and all Covid tests, which are fraudulent, and all Covid vaccines, which are murderous, as well
as the upcoming vaccine passports, which are intended to subject us to depopulation by
vaccination and to curtail our freedom of movement so as to lower our CO2 emissions from
flying and travelling. That will make the depopulation by vaccination program null and void and
governments will have to pursue population stabilization by legal and moral means and not by
economic sabotage, engineered famine, genocide and crimes against humanity.
If we don’t stop our governments now the system will continue in the same vein until 2025 when
it will engage the next plandemic, the SPARS plandemic, which has already been planned and

The world needs to accomplish both depopulation and decarbonization but not by these means,
which are destructive and criminal and cause far more harm than good. The existential problems
of depopulation and decarbonization can be accomplished legally, ethically and equitably by the
means I described in my book The Future of Global Governance.
We cannot allow a global dictatorship to take hold of the world and to treat us like vermin. We
can and will solve our existential problems without abandoning our humanity or our fundamental
rights and liberties.

We will be assets in the struggle for our existence not liabilities. It is our right as human beings
and as equal members of this civilization.

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