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Enjoy this third episode of Behind the Line with hosts Doug McKenty and George Roche. This episode features Kilgore Rand of #IDoNotComply. This interesting discussion provides an overview of the coming technocratic state and offers a comparison and contrast between anti-lockdown political organizing in the US and Canada. Find out more about Kilgore at and go to for more information about The Line.

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  • It’s just a mask
  • It’s just a vaccine
  • It’s your rights to be burned
  • You are now a slave in your own mind

If the virus was serious where are all the dead being hidden? So you know someone who died from the pandemic? If it was serious people would want to obey the so-called restrictions but there is no pandemic.

  • 40 weeks of protests in Toronto have now been shut down by Trudeau the meat puppet of the deep state.
  • More people have taken their own life than died of the questionable virus.

A weaponized new variant will be pushed out to you but it will not be a virus but as they themselves say “We will poison their water, air and food…”

Masks used in Guantánamo Bay to humiliate prisoners!

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