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voices behind the faces

April 10, 2021 By godfrey


I wanted to scratch out a few words on the thoughts I have been gathering over the last few weeks so as to make more sense of it all. I now understand (on a very basic level) the people running the show but there is more to it than that behind it all and it is not good news. While GOD’s church has been in a coma more concerned about mega gatherings and bowing down to government rules like in the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego scenario over the past decades the roaring lion has been at work getting all the powers together for the final countdown. I am not saying the end is coming but it looks very much like it. Nor I am saying the church is finished because it is far from over in that department.


Social distancing, contact tracing, lockdowns, vaccines and green passports were not in Paul’s mind when he spoke about obeying authority placed over us by GOD. Authorities tried to shut him down how many times? How often was the early church persecuted for just obeying GOD and not men? Tens of thousands perished for not being good little submissive citizens. A very old friends wife had lost her mother and she looked at me like I had personally been responsible because I refused to play the government slavery game. Their church has not met for months because the cult following Jewish premier of QLD decided that any such gatherings were surplus to their plans. (She is busy making the vaccine more accessible with her new besty Bill while her dad collects our DNA.)

The Beginning

I now know that much of the manipulation that we are seeing today is being inspired by entities that originate from unseen world. It sounds ridiculous to me to hear myself write these words. If I was to visit this scrapbook I would diagnose myself as mad. (to be quite honest). Sometimes I hear myself think and actually believe that I actually am. However, if you view the events of the last 12 months and what is now normal you might also come to the same conclusion – that yes I am mad and yes so is the world. Who could have imagined that our leaders would turn upon us and abuse us in such an evil manner? So how can this occur?

The Answer

It is actually far more obvious than you might think. You see our leaders have sold themselves out to demonic entities. They have long been part of secret organisations such as the Freemasons that actively promote satanic worship at the higher levels. They twist the truth of creation, GOD and humanity so as to make themselves willing slaves – subject to these evil beliefs. For example, the sacrifice of children is far more widespread than you could possibly imagine. (not at lower levels of course) Once you have gone down that path the perception is that there is no going back from such depravity. Members and participants have crossed a line that can not be returned from. The overlords use this to manipulate these members of secret societies to serve or be exposed. (or cursed) So they do what they are told otherwise they risk being revealed or far worse lose their power.

The Path to Power

You do not become eligible to be elected unless you have compromised in some way and become vulnerable to further manipulation. The more you desire to serve in a leadership capacity the more you must bend your morals. Finally, if you come from the right family, have something to offer the party and desire power they might consider you to be elected. A man who has no moral leverage will find it almost impossible to rise to power. All of these people are often connected from birth. You will find that media personalities, politicians, famous artists and even sports people will all be interconnected in a not-so-obvious way.

Therefore when people rise to the status of Prime Minister, President, Premier or any other title they have already been critically compromised. (even if they appear to be “Christian” attend churches and help people. ) In their minds, they are being genuine but in reality, they are servants of darkness so depraved that the average normie might never see any evidence. It all happens in secret meetings, ceremonies and rituals that we will never be privy to. Anyone who attends will be subject to a termination order if they reveal any clue of its existence. There are no minutes or notes of such meetings and if there are they are not stored anywhere easily accessible. (Even though it seems some of these people are so so IT savvy as to allow documents to exist on servers they think are secure like wiki leaks I doubt these records I speculate of are)

Called to Serve who?

When such significant events such as the one we are currently living in occur then they are called upon to serve their true masters. They can genuinely appear to honest by the tone of their voice and body language to calm the masses into trusting their words. They themselves are often under a trance or influence implanted in them from childhood in preparation for the potential eventually of their service being required at some point in the future. This is why seemingly incompetence can be rewarded in government circles and those with lower IQs rise to power. (the Bushes – Biden) It is not about what we perceive but what their masters might someday require of them. Of course, they will originate from privileged or “elite” backgrounds and families to ensure a minimal chance of information leakage and infiltration as I already stated.

The Door is Opened

At some point during their journey of utter depravity, they allow a backdoor into their mind and spirit – one that can be exploited by demonic entities that they have knowingly or inadvertently encountered in their past. They give permission to be used as a mouthpiece of the supernatural world and appear to perform far more impressively than any so-called gifts they might have enabled them to. They speak eloquently using a precise sequence of words specially designed to influence the masses of people pre-programmed from birth by their education, society and now social media. The same world system that has enslaved humanity triggers manipulation of the minds by trained presenters posing as journalists or politicians. One example you might remember is Obama – a now very senior member of the demonic elite worldwide or the fact that CIA operatives actively work within the mainstream media.

They all Work Towards the Same Goal

Celebs, media personalities and leaders sing from the same songbook and are simply communicating what demonic entities wish them to say. This also allows them to execute orders, manipulate laws, slipstream into the role of a dictator with ease such is the case with Boris Johnson. (and smile like a charming moron) If you look into the eyes of Boris you will see the signs in his facial expression as he struggles to submit total control to the entities that trialled him as Mayor and gave the rubber stamp to be PM. Did you notice that at the beginning of the plandemic he was ill? I speculate that he was getting a beat down by his puppet masters who told him to obey or suffer the consequences. I saw the defeat in his eyes when he came back after a short break. Then he got right back into his acting role. (again – just my insane mind speculating)


Most of our world leaders if not all are elk of their puppet masters. Therefore committing atrocities such as in the role-out of an experimental vaccine is perfectly acceptable in the circles they exist in. They care more for their dogs than they for you and me. We are less than human to them and our disposal is perfectly normal. They have dark visitors existing and residing in their bodies. These entities will use and speak through them. So there you have it. What you and I only see in horror movies is real and present in our world and probably has for longer than we think.