AstraZeneca name change completion – big prizes worth billions

April 13, 2021 By godfrey

Change your name and the crimes go away.

AstraZeneca – covidshield India

AstraZeneca – Vaxerveria Europe

Ok let’s get some more –

Stralia – Vaxmate

England – Pubvax

USA – CvImfree

Germany – Covidblitz

France – LaCovidguerir

Mexico – vivalacovid

What a great idea! Many business do that here. They rip off of few thousands of people, then change their trading name and start again before too much heat is applied by authorities. Magnificent!

Perhaps we should get vaxed via our favourite cereal. “In each box we have a special stick on vaxernator – just peel and heal! It could not be easier kids! Comes with a tattoo   –  I am covidkid. Be proud of your ink. New one each month and special collectable vaxtats. Get them all!”

Hey how cool for parents. No more crying kids at the surgery or local doctors office. “Look mum I collected all 12 Vaxtats!”

Let’s not stop there. “New vaxstream screen protectors vax you while you chat!”

Or vaxass – get a dose when you visit the crapper.

Let’s face it. The possibilities of changing names is infinite.