three violated pillars of knowledge – Introduction

April 13, 2021 By godfrey

I believe there have been three key areas or pillars that have formed part of the imminent demise of humanity and its complete enslavement. This latest crisis is by design and not by random and it has been designed, implemented, improved and implemented again until its purification and the facilitation by technology brings its ultimate goal in to crystallisation. The minds behind it are penultimate psychopaths so if you think we can analyse it logically then dream on baby.

The first pillar to be torn down and rebuilt in their image is called –

The Nature of the Physical World – its origins, design and purpose.

  • Is the earth a globe? A description of earth is contained within the Torah or Old Testament/Bible. There is no mention of globe or space. Should this book be taken literal? Absolutely yes it should. NASA was started from Freemasonry after some very interesting visits to Antarctica in the 60’s. NASA is anti GOD and anti humanity.

The Second is –

The Nature of Health – How the human body works, can be healed and how it gets sick.

  • Is the germ theory correct? – Not even close! Viruses, bacteria all have specific functions within the body. Sickness is a reaction to environment or terrain. Poisons from air, water, food and vaccines cause illness at a cellular and genetic level.

Finally the third is –

The Nature of Wealth – The meaning of real money and its storage of value that represents our labour and therefore our wealth.

  • Is that note you hold money? No it is not. It is based on debt and issued by corrupt worldwide banks controlled centrally to enslave and siphon wealth upwards to the the very few. Inflation is a lie of the controlling class of bankers.
  • Soon a digital currency system will be introduced to ensure we are forever more their surfs.