trump was always in the swamp

April 14, 2021 By godfrey

He said this recently –

“The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it’s reputation will be permanently challenged.

The people who have already taken the vaccine will be up in arms, and perhaps all of this was done for politics or perhaps it’s the FDA’s love for Pfizer.

The FDA, especially with long time bureaucrats within, has to be controlled.

They should not be able to do such damage for possibly political reasons, or maybe because their friends at Pfizer have suggested it.

They’ll do things like this to make themselves look important.

Remember, it was the FDA working with Pfizer, who announced the vaccine approval two days after the 2020 Presidential Election. They didn’t like me very much because I pushed them extremely hard. But if I didn’t, you wouldn’t have a vaccine for 3-5 years, or maybe not at all. It takes them years to act!

Do your testing, clean up the record, and get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine back online quickly.

The only way we defeat the China Virus is with our great vaccines!”

Is he a complete and utter idiot? Vaccines take years to be tested and for good reason! People are dying because of his warp speed garbage. Anyone who believes the China virus is dangerous is out of their mind. The statistics never supported this. Only the deluded believed it was ever a threat. It is 100% media fuelled. Who controls the media anyway? The Swamp!