April 15, 2021 By godfrey

There is a horror travelling amongst the living. It has been incognito for decades but recently has risen into prominence with the advent of a plague. Normally lurking in the shadows of doctors and scientists quietly poisoning the population from childhood causing numerous chronic diseases that its master can treat with their magical drugs it has had enough of playing second fiddle. It wants the prime time! Long term side effects are not enough! Death is better or at least permanent disability so it can finish the job later.

If you think you can avoid its grasp think again. It has infiltrated government, airlines, hospitals, cafes and schools. No longer a stalker it has become a hunter. But it now needs the immediate satisfaction of herds of human flesh coming to it for “treatment”. Its bite will not linger but will ravage, tear asunder the once strong and healthy and make them puny and dead. Death is its calling card now. Death to a popup near you and all for your convenience.

Is has no agenda or motive just lustful desire. Death, death and more of the same like the demon of vengeance it does discriminate against race, creed or religion. It will have total domination of them all and you will not escape because you willingly obey its erotic call to your own destruction. You hear it call “Come my dear and let me come inside you!”

You will answer, “Yes. yes, yes!” until you take your last breath and squirm in pleasure no more. The blood will drain from your eyes and face and your limbs will become limp as you are bathed in a baptism of dank death as the last breath escapes your lips and is nor more. Life has escaped me your spirit will cry! Please let me go back. Your body lays silent unable to fulfil your desperate request. Your last thought will be why did I answers its call? And the you will be no more. But it will lust for more much more.

Welcome to the world of Vaxula!