I feel like indoctrination tonight

April 19, 2021 By godfrey

I watch the news and listen to the words that emanate from the bright screen in front of my eyes as a warm fuzzy feeling injects itself into my subconscious mind and I pour myself another glass of ruby wine. Look how connected I am to my fellow man. The whole world is in my hand and all I need to do is use the control and the information pours in to the room like the deep red liquid I yearn. I do not really listen to all of the words but some part of me is always hearing, seeing and absorbing it all and storing it in a safe place.

My recliner chair feels so good. Something I purchased from an infomercial late one night and I have never regretted it. Just six easy monthly payments and pure luxury was mine at an unbeatable price. I feel like a king on a throne. Another glass of blissful lubricant slides down my throat and my body instinctively shudders in delight. Oh life is so good tonight. I have everything I need and I smile as a cute kitten rides a dog down the shop isle. Thunderous laughter emits from my chest as I reach for the bottle again and raise the glass to my eyes viewing its contents with lust and with a thrust the wine is part of the sublime. Oh the buzz is so well timed to my favourite show the finale of season nine.

As I sleep in my bed and recline my head on the memory foam all of what was said is trickling down into my unconscious mind so that when that important days arrives I will know what to do, to say and where to go. Everything I need was supplied to make my life so fine and peaceful as my brain is relaxed and drinks it all in like my bottle of wine and all of the words so kindly supplied. The last thought I have is my desire to kiss those sleek dark lines that define my wonderful friend my mentor and my life.

I feel like indoctrination tonight.

Let’s all sing –

  • I feel like indoctrination tonight, Indoctrination tonight, Indoctrination tonight
  • I see signs of the end times but it’s all’s fine
  • Cause I’m indoctrinated tonight