Indian actor and comedian Vivek dead after 48 hours

April 19, 2021 By godfrey

Popular Tamil actor and comedian Vivekh died this morning in the hospital, hours after he was admitted after a cardiac arrest.

The 59-year-old was reportedly critical in a Chennai hospital after a cardiac arrest on Thursday morning. He was brought in unconscious at 11 am, was resuscitated, subsequently underwent a coronary angiogram and then angioplasty. A medical bulletin said he was critical on ECMO support, which pumps and oxygenates blood outside the body, but died at 4:35 am today.

On Thursday, Vivekh had taken his first Covid vaccine shot at a public event in the presence of Tamil Nadu’s Health Secretary to promote vaccination.

The hospital clarified that he suffered an acute coronary syndrome with cardiogenic shock. There was 100 per cent blockage in a vessel and his cardiac arrest may not be due to the vaccination.

“Vivekh was one of those who voluntarily came forward to create awareness on public health and social issues. The cardiac arrest he suffered had no link with the Covid vaccine shot that he took,” Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Dr Radhakrishnan told NDTV.

His vaccination was at a public event with TV channels carrying photographs of him taking the shot. As the cardiac arrest happened less than 24 hours after the inoculation, there were questions raised, which have been clarified by doctors.

His sudden death has sent his fans of over two generations into mourning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed grief on Vivekh’s death.

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“Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said nearly 23,000 people were administered Covaxin at the hospital here and 5.68 lakh throughout Tamil Nadu so far. “There has been no adverse reaction anywhere,” the secretary said.

Vivekh had volunteered to have the Covaxin dose administered at the government hospital so that others could get inspired, Radhakrishnan said.”

Source: Tamil comedian Vivekh dies of cardiac arrest at 59 : The Tribune India