canadian pastor exercising his rights?

May 1, 2021 By godfrey

A very “famous” pastor makes his mind known to authorities… He is correct in what he says. They came during the service. Why not make an appointment and talk like civilised beings? It’s all about making a statement, bullying and harassment. Do officials want him to be violent? Probably as they have defied them. Are they making a statement or a staging a real life drama to send a message?

If you trust Rebel News which I do not authorities allegedly can now force their way in to the facility. The presenter calls it a mafia tactic. That is correct except what he does not say is they are the mafia so of course they would employ their own tactics. Mafia is the lowest level of the world order and actively work with Police. Triads (pyramid) regularly are utilised in Hong Kong where they are an unofficial extension of law enforcement.

Another older preacher of the gospel was arrested for quoting a directive of GOD which was not anti-gay. Reminds me of a sports star who lost his million dollar contract for the same thing in a meeting of local Christians. He was vilified and aggressively attacked. His mistake was naive one – trusting Twitter.