priest defies the pope

May 1, 2021 By godfrey

Here is his brochure to his “flock.” Pretty well thought out!

Of course they want to get rid of him

I like these comments from him:

Health guidelines are “godless, Nazi-esque controls,” telling parishioners, “God damns every single one of those godless moves.” He also said Dr. Anthony Fauci’s support for masks “is damnable in the hottest fires of hell.”

The propaganda outlet said:

The church bulletin falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines don’t work, and repeated the debunked conspiracy theory that the shots change human genes.

He is right on in his debunked conspiracy theories! Well done to him. Oh they never say how it was debunked do they because their crappy little paper would collapse under the weight of things called…facts?

The Christians want him gone apparently:

“…the grassroots Christian organization Faithful America on Tuesday launched a new petition calling on La Crosse Catholic Bishop William Callahan to permanently remove Father James Altman from all parish ministry.”

Reverend somebody-not-work-mentioning said:

“By spreading deadly misinformation and potentially exposing his parishioners and the people they meet to COVID-19, James Altman has shown that his so-called ministry is profoundly anti-life. Altman’s angry, arrogant, and uninformed words do not speak for Jesus Christ, and he should not be allowed to speak on behalf of any Christian church that ministers in Jesus’s name.”

That got me laughing. The genocidal satanists jab is pro-life that means. The man should be slapped in the face for even mentioning the name of Jesus. He is a sellout photo-copy of a Hollywood actor playing a priest in a D grade movie.