coincidences keep happening in australia

May 2, 2021 By godfrey


In Australia Ms. Genene Norris received the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot on April 8, according to the Daily Mail. She almost immediately fell ill. Doctors diagnosed her with “rare” blood clots and placed her on dialysis in the ICU four days after the shot. That indicates kidney failure. She died on April 14.

The Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is at least being semi-honest about the situation. A spokesperson said the blood clots were “likely linked to the vaccine.” But the agency doesn’t have much choice after a string of deaths related to the experimental shots.

The Northern Daily Leader reported that a “fit and healthy” 55-year-old died in Tamworth, New South Wales on April 21. The newspaper did not name him. But we’re told his name is Darren Lee Missen. He had “massive blood clots” in his lungs after a COVID-19 shot. There were at least four other cases of blood clots in Australia after AstraZeneca shots in the last several weeks. Despite the TGA’s kind-of-honest statement, deputy secretary John Skerritt told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the benefits of AstraZeneca shots outweigh the risks. He did not articulate any tangible benefits in his statement.

My Comments

The ABC really is a terrible news outlet. They lost touch with reality decades ago. Many Australians have recognised this however all other outlets including so called right wing are now no better being Murdoch owned and controlled. There is no real honest news media anymore in Australia other a few small online sites. Most if not all local newspapers are also owned by these few corporations. We are bombarded by propaganda 24/7. The only alternative source of information was Facebook and YouTube which we know are manipulated by intelligence agencies. They were and are massive nets to catch any dissenters and soon subscribers will need to identify themselves using a 100 point system! Perhaps the only news we will have that is true will be via carrier pigeon. We should start breeding now perhaps. The best news outlet in Australia is to turn off the TV and forget reading their internet propaganda sites.

I am speaking to a gentleman about this very subject and demonstrating how mass media is lying to all of us constantly. He is Chinese and knows how controlled that place is as he lived there as an adult. (I do not have his experience) So what do I see him reading? Propaganda. It’s’ like he wants it! He likes being lied to. Huh? He knows the vaccine is killing people but his wife will get the shot. Double huh? I explained to him that the vaccinated might shed pathogens which affect those around them just so he aware. Yet he still smiles as he pulls the newspaper out and reads. It tells him all these facts are actually lies from conspiracy theorists and they are the ones spreading disinformation. Triple Huh?