photo of parking for aliens only signage

the aliens have always been with us

May 4, 2021 By godfrey

I believe that very soon aliens will be introduced to us and we will be told they have always been with us. They came from some distant world revealing incredible power/technology to save us from our doomed world that the controllers created using numerous methods we can see and study with our eyes. (Heard of geoengineering or climate change, the virus deception or made made plagues as recent examples?) You may ask how have they laid the groundwork for this deception? Jesuits is the answer. The order dabbled with aliens by melding themselves with them in order to obtain secret knowledge. This knowledge has since been used to slowly deceive and enslave humanity over the millennia. This is an over simplification. However in essence it is the core of truth and how implementation has taken place. After all scientists are the new priests who consult the gods and reveal truth to the masses who receive the truth through the mass media/the temple prostitutes that communicate/act the message. These scientists have become the authority in all areas of science and those of us that think for ourselves disobey/rebel against these gods.

Over the past year this plan has come out in to the open. Create a cataclysm, then introduce a saviour and appoint a leader whom all will submit to. Who will be the world leader? The Pope who is a Jesuit?

  • If humankind realised the true nature of the earth they would not accept the aliens as it would not be possible for them to exist.
  • If humanity understood who their true enemy was they would immediately recognise the deception for what it was.
  • If the people of this world did not submit their minds to endless control they would at least have the ability to see these first two points. They would realise the false nature of pharmaceuticals for example and their origin. (a very current example)
  • If our churches did not abandon GOD and allow the infiltration of these lies into their “doctrine” the world would be an entirely unrecognisable place. This was the real deception. It all springs out of this pool of filth. The world does not realise it. Soon they will.

These were just a few thoughts I had while going through this video. Think for yourself. It is impossible to know everything especially these days with the constant bombardment of EMF, toxins in the food and air. Not to mention the massive propaganda spewed in to the airwaves, the lock down of our will and the freedom to reason and collaborate.