The Psychology of Lockdown Series #6: Incomplete and Insatiable

Join George Roche and host Doug McKenty for the sixth in this series outlining the 15 characteristics of Mystification as described by legendary family therapist John Bradshaw. In this episode, George discusses the Incomplete and Insatiable personality type that just never quite gets enough of anything to feel safe and Continue Reading

vitamin d is better than a vaccine (and safer)

Source: Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces Covid -19 Deaths by 64% – LewRockwell Vitamin D plays an important role in most diseases, including infectious disease, which is why from the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I suspected that optimizing vitamin D levels among the general population would significantly lower COVID-19 Continue Reading

The Psychology of Lockdown #5: The Trance-like Existence

Host Doug McKenty is joined once again to discuss The Psychology of Lockdown by George Roche, Executive Director of The Line International. In this series, we continue to define the characteristics of Mystification as defined by renowned psychoanalyst John Bradshaw. Focusing on “The Trancelike Existence”, this episode describes what George Continue Reading

labs are complicit in murder

Test lab: “This specimen tests positive. The patient is infected with SARS-CoV-2.”Patient: “Wait. How did you run the test? With how many cycles?”Test lab: “That information is proprietary. You have no right to know.”Patient: “Really? The number of cycles can determine the outcome. Change that number, and ‘infected’ becomes ‘healthy’.”Test lab: “We know what we’re doing.”Patient: Continue Reading