gates sterilised hundreds of thousands

As pointed out in Plandemic 2 our mate Gill has been at it in the deep dark hell that is his mind. People talk about this subject like a rumour but the internet seems to have been cleansed of most if not all evidence. Bill called them well being shots. Continue Reading

billionaires covid club

My Note: I would not have ever considered the below as reality until the pandemic began and the world was illogically locked down and the massacre of the innocent began. (through massive poverty, mental illness, loss of small businesses and old people being murdered) I have come to observe that Continue Reading

crime unprecedented

This brilliant piece encapsulates the massive scale of fraud perpetrated on our world by people who consider us a waste of resources and desire our demise. It is so vividly portrayed using dry but dark humour with a twist of insight that will leave you laughing or crying . Here Continue Reading

just a little prick – bill gates part 2

Thanks to Vernon Coleman for his incredible wit. Welcome to part two of `Just a Little Prick’, the unauthorised Bill Gates story. Obviously, the term `little prick’ refers to what happens when you have an injection and is naturally in no way meant in a pejorative way. Heaven forbid. If Continue Reading