Ilaria Pappa: 31-year-old Italian professor dead three weeks after AstraZeneca viral vector shot

Source ISCHIA, ITALY — AstraZeneca continues its crimes against humanity as yet another young victim dies from blood clots. Mrs. Ilaria Pappa was a professor at Istituto Statale D’ Istruzione Superiore Cristofaro Mennella (“Menella Institute”). She received the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca viral vector shot on February 28, according Continue Reading

criminal propaganda from the abc stralia To me anyone who promotes an experimental vaccine and tries to paint it as safe is a criminal because that influence can and will lead to death because most do not understand what is happening and like I once (very long time ago) did trust media and authorities. That Continue Reading

J and J deadly injection reap a harvest

Desirée Penrod: 25-year-old Connecticut educator dead one week after Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot. Source: Covid Blog DANIELSON, CONNECTICUT — The Johnson & Johnson experimental viral vector shot has claimed another young victim with a promising future. Ms. Desirée Penrod said on Facebook that she received the “Janssen dose” Continue Reading

COVID-19 Vaccines, 3-4 Months Later: ‘I’m Still Not Right’

Source Aftermath is defined as the consequences of a significant, disastrous event. Thousands upon thousands of Americans all over the country are saying they’re “still not right” after getting jabbed with the most experimental inoculation ever created. Even 3 to 4 months later, they’re complaining of major arm pain at Continue Reading

A corporate coup has removed Tanzania’s “Covid denying president”, and nobody should be surprised

Source After weeks of being out of the public eye, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has died age 61, according to the country’s Vice President. The global press are reporting the death of Tanzania’s “Covid denying President” with barely disguised glee. The official cause of death is rumoured to be a Continue Reading

Climate Engineering by Controlling the Weather is Destroying Life and the Planet: Immediate Danger FAR Greater than COVID-19

As the world has been dominated for the past year by the fake threat that the Globalists want us to believe COVID-19 presents, a much greater risk to human health and the very life that exists on this planet has been covered up, until now. In a very well documented Continue Reading