404,525 Injured COVID19 “Vaccine” U.K.

That does not include the 594 that have been reported to have died – only a fraction of the actual real events The COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis: 2801 Blood disorders including 1 death 1361 Cardiac disorders including 33 deaths 7 Congenital disorders 986 Ear disorders 17 Endocrine disorders 1629 Eye disorders 11,932 Continue Reading

Ilaria Pappa: 31-year-old Italian professor dead three weeks after AstraZeneca viral vector shot

Source ISCHIA, ITALY — AstraZeneca continues its crimes against humanity as yet another young victim dies from blood clots. Mrs. Ilaria Pappa was a professor at Istituto Statale D’ Istruzione Superiore Cristofaro Mennella (“Menella Institute”). She received the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca viral vector shot on February 28, according Continue Reading

austria suspends astrazenica death shot

Source Corporate news sources are reporting that Austria has suspended their roll-out of the experimental AstraZeneca COVID vaccines after a 49-year-old nurse has died “as a result of severe coagulation disorders,” and a 35-year-old nurse developed a pulmonary embolism following the COVID injections. A pulmonary embolism is an acute lung Continue Reading

100s dead and 100,000s injured!

Source The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine aTverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today, March 4, 2021. The report covers data collected from December 9, 2020, through February 21, 2021, for the two experimental COVID vaccines currently in use in the U.K. from Continue Reading